'A Community for Singing

Singing for a Community'

Dayspring Community Choir was launched in September 2013 to bring local people together to find fun, relaxation and friendships through singing. The Dayspring Gospel Choir, formed in 2008 with about 20 members, provided a core group of experienced singers for the new choir when it launched.

The choir is not a church choir. Based in Bury St Edmunds, it aims to be informal and welcoming whilst working hard to perform to a high standard. Christ Church Moreton Hall is our 'supportive host' and the church building provides a venue for both our weekly rehearsals and and an annual concert.

Two Taster Evenings were advertised in October 2013 and over 70 people attended each of the sessions.

From these tremendous expressions of interest, the choir was formed, led by our Musical Director Barry Hart. The choir has four sections: Sopranos 1 & 2, Altos and Baritones.

Currently, we have a regular weekly attendance of 60 plus members.